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Baby Blankets 

Nice Handmade Crochet Ripple Design. 

Beautiful Handmade Blankets are Perfect for Gifts, Baby showers, Great 

Herilooms.  Also makes nice lap blankets for Elderly or Disabled. 

Made By A real Grandmother in a Smoke free home.  Soft Baby Yarn,

Choose one already made or custom order your own size and colors

Baby Blankets also make a nice Doll blanket.  

Newborn /Infant size is aprox 27-29 inches 

Please state item number when ordering,  
Newborn size $30.00   larger sizes available for a little more.   

These blankets are much nicer looking in person, the Pictures really don't show how great they look. 


Baby Blankets $30.00

Baby Blankets


 Multi colored Baby Blanket. Very soft, almost shimmers.  Purple, blue, pink, yellow, Newborn/Infant size  $30.00  Item # NBL004 

 Sunny Baby Blanket  Warm sunny Yellows and White.  Newborn /Infant size  $30.00         Item # NBL005

 Sweet Pink Baby Blanket Two tone Pink, Newborn/ Infant size $30.00  Item # NBL006

Blue Baby Blanket  Blue, White with bits of Green, Newborn/ Infant size  $30.00 Item # NBL007

 Multi Colored Baby Blanket pinks, yellows, blue, green, white, orange, multi color,  Newborn Infant size $30.00  Item # NBL008

 White with multi color rows,blues and green and peach,  very subtle colors.  Newborn/Infant size $30.00  Item # NBL010

 Peaches and Cream Baby blanket. Infant/ Newborn size blanket Peach and Creme $30.00  Item # NBL014

 Sunny Yellow Baby Blanket with Multi colors. Pink, Blue, Orange. Infant/ Newborn size. $30.00  Item # BNL015 

 Blue Green and White Baby Blanket. Size Newborn/ Infant $30.00  Item # NBL016


Pink Blankets

Pink Blankets
Pink Baby Blanket.

Warm Pink with Varied mix of yellow, blue, peach and purple. 

Item NBL017 
Larger Pink Childs  Blanket.

Warm Pink with Varied mix of yellow, blue, peach and purple. 

Very nice childs blanket or lap blanket. 

Item # CBL001    $50.00