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Shaving Soap $.50


Oatmeal Unscented shaving soap.
This shaving soap has wonderful colloidal oatmeal that is great for skin, as well as bentonite clay that detoxes and helps with the slip needed to keep you from cutting yourself. these are unscented so they wont compete with your aftershave.  I have also added wonderful coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.  

 Hand sliced can vary in size.  aprox 1.5 oz 

Arabian Spice Shaving Soap

This is a  shaving soap which is rich in Castor oil for great lather and Bentonite clay for that necessary 'slip' to help avoid getting nicked.  Scented with Arabian Spice fragrance which is a wonderful blend of Myrrh and Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon and Cloves, Caraway Seed and Vanilla. Exotic spicy and delightful.  These soaps are round and will fit in soap mugs. 

 Aprox 1.90 oz


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Arabian Spice


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