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North Dakota Novelty Soap Series. 

This is a series of soaps made to celebrate North Dakota. 

They have funny names and unusual fragrances, common North Dakota Life from winter, bonfires to wild life. 

More will be added, maybe we will even come up with one for Road construction! 

To be a 'Nodak' as North Dakotans are often called, we have to have a sense of humor. 

So laugh with us and enjoy these fun soaps. 







These soaps contain: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Rice bran oil, Avocado oil, Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Cocoa butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Distilled water.  Fragrance.  some have added color. 

 These soaps  have great lather. 

Dakota Deepfreeze $5.00


North Dakota Novelty series   

Dakota Deepfreeze 

Fragrance like a cold winter day, crisp and sharp. A nice scent to help clear the sinuses or just help wake you up.

 Scented with pure crisp essential oils of Peppermint and Camphor.  Colored white with Titanium Dioxide.

44 Bars in stock  Approx 4.oz 


Joking Jackalope $5.00

North Dakota Novelty Series Joking Jackalope

Think of summer, the smell of grass. Summer days in North Dakota are almost like the legendary Jackalope.  we seem to go from winter back to fall too quickly.  Fun fragrance to remind you of those days.  Scented with grass stain.   It's crisp, sweet and colored with a green oxide.   

50 Bars in stock  Approx 4 oz 


Moose Poo $5.00

North Dakota Novelty Series

Moose Poo


Scented with a dark Chocolate fragrance. Colored with a Brown oxide, 

55 Bars in stock  Approx 4 oz 




No Mosquito $5.00

North Dakota Novelty series

No Mosquito!

A Don't Bite me soap. 

Scented with a mixture of pure essential oils that repel mosquitoes.  EO's include Lemongrass, White thyme,  Clove, Black pepper, cedar, Citronella, Tea tree, Rosemary, Peppermint. Eucalyptus. 

Soap is a pure color free soap with a great lather.  Great refreshing scent. All pure and natural. 

     52 Bars in stock  Approx 4. oz 



Prairie Bon Fire $5.00

North Dakota Novelty series

Prairie Bon Fire.  

Nothing beats a bonfire. or campfire.  This fragrance is like sitting outside on a cool evening around a good wood fire. 

Prairie Bon Fire is a very nice wood smoke scented soap. colored with charcoal and brown oxide. 

57 Bars in stock  Approx 4  oz 




Prairie dog drool $5.00

North Dakota Novelty series

Prairie Dog drool

North Dakota has a lot of dirt, and a lot of Prairie dogs. 

Scented with a fragrance oil that smells like dirt.   Colored with a brown oxide. A great fragrance when you long for summer days to be outside. Farmers and gardeners love it. 

57 Bars in stock  Approx 4  oz   



Wiley Walleye $5.00

North Dakota Novelty series 

Wiley Walleye

 This is a wonderful fisherman's soap,  scented with pure Anise essential oil which smells like licorice and attracts fish. fishermen have used it on their lures for years. It is also a hunters soap which helps mask the human scent.  Keep a bar by the kitchen sink to get rid of smelly hands, and one in the tackle box to help catch that wiley fish. 

36 Bars in stock  Approx 4  oz