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Check out the Kids page for fun tub toy soaps!

Bacon $5.00


Yes, Bacon scented soap!  Perfect for those bacon lovers. A nice surprise for that father's day or birthday gift when you are wanting to get a laugh. 

This soap is made with my usual high quality soap recipe that is rich with castor oil and shea butter as well as protein rich avocado oil. It is very moisturizing and lathers well. colored with just a little red oxide. 

These bars are approx 4.5 oz      63 available.   

$5.00 each  

Spiced Pumpkin cupcakes. 

These are delightful cupcakes, topped with white soap frosting, and sprinkled with brown jojoba beads, cupcakes and tarts are topped with Anise stars.  There are full size cupcakes, mini cupcakes, and tarts.  The soap cakes will darken to a brown as they cure due to the vanillin in the fragrance oil.  Very cute. 

 Lg  $4.00      aprox 4.25 oz

Sm  $2.00     aprox 1.50 oz

Wickedly Delightful Sculls

Black Raspberry Vanilla and other misc scented sculls.

These soaps are large at least 4.5 oz 

Limited availability.    $5.00  each