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Pure Natural Soaps,
No artificial fragrances,  

I do have some pure natural soaps in my other categories that contain only  pure essential oils for fragrance,                       please look those sections over also.

All of my soaps are pure natural high quality ingredients, only exceptions are  fragrance oils and sometimes pigment used in some soaps. If you are concerned about ingredients please contact for more information. 


Also check out the other pages for Pure soaps scented with pure essential oils.  like the Patchouli, or the Peppermint rosemary eucalyptus. The fishermans favorite is also natural, scented only with pure Anise essential oil.

Sale price $2.00

Coconut and Shea butter free 

This is a very nice soap rich in caster oil for a great lather. 

It is made with Olive oil, Palm oil, Babassu oil, Castor oil,  Cocoa butter, Rice bran oil,  Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil,  Grapeseed oil. Distilled water, sodium hydroxide

No added fragrances or colorants. 

   16 bars  approx 4.5 oz. 

Sale Price $3.00

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Heavenly Hemp. 

Truly the best Hemp soap ever! This soap has the maximum amount of Hemp mixed with exotic Babassu oil, rich Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, Avocado oil, Sweet almond oil, Rice bran oil which is used extensively in Japan in soaps as a vegan alternative to lanolin, Castor oil,  lots of rich Cocoa butter, Olive oil and a fantastic oil called Meadow foam seed oil, which is a plant alternative to sperm whale oil.  

These exotic and rich oils are combined with organic goats milk and cruelty free tussah silk,  Making this soap a very rich very moisturizing and a ultra silky luxury experience. 

This soap does not contain any artifical colors or fragrances. Heavenly and completely natural. 

Approx 4 oz