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Blue Canary Creations will be restructuring and changing website and products by spring of 2019. Whole sale line sheets will also be available for businesses at that time. Price changes and shipping as well as payment options will also change. We are hoping this will make purchasing much easier and enjoyable for our customers. 


Handcrafted  High Quality Natural Soaps crafted from scratch, the old fashioned way using the cold process method with high quality natural food grade oils, enriched with exotic butters, herbal infusions and botanicals. We do not use any harsh chemicals or preservatives in our soaps.

  Scented using premium  fragrance or essential oils, or unscented.  

We offer a variety of different soaps from vegan or milk soaps.

We do not use animal fats, do not test on animals.

Soaps are packaged in open ended shrink wrap. 

We have begun to offer Shower gels, body washes and bubble bath products due to customer requests, these are produced with a high Quality pre made base. Ingredients for those items are listed with those products. 

We do not make claims to be gluten free even though most of our products are, because to be really gluten free they have to be made in a separate room or facility and with separate utensils that have not been exposed to gluten.  Most companies that claim to offer gluten free products do not do this. 


Also occasionally available 
Bath salts, milk baths, bath teas, bath bombs and so much more!
Crochet items,  jewelry and misc craft items. 

 Items are made individually and limited.

 Please note, our shipping is estimated. We use flat rate envelopes and boxes when we can and will refund  differences over .25 back to you. 





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