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 Blue Canary bar soaps are made from  my own recipes, formulated from pure natural oils and oils infused with fresh herbs from my garden so I know they are the highest quality.  


I strive to use the highest quality ingredients, sustainable palm oil, hormone free pesticide free grass fed goats milk, cruelty free silk, and cleaner and purer food grade lye. 

Homemade  soap is wonderfully moisture rich, non drying, and much better for your skin. 

If you have never tried homemade soap, I guarantee you like most people that use it, won't go back to using store bought soap again, even people who are chemically sensitive love this soap!

Each Created batch is small, and no two are alike. Watch for updates.  

 Sizes vary slightly, Soaps are sliced individually by hand.  

Soap may vary slightly in color from pictures shown.

Our soaps contain numerous oils and butters, usually at least 8 or more, we don't skimp on oils. Compare our ingredients to other companies and see why we are the best!


Each Batch is a Unique and a Limited work of Art, 

Please check availability before ordering.